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Sled dogs are known as #1 source of transportation in the winter, and if you grew up in Alaska, you would be no stranger to these beautiful dogs. As a young boy, Bryan Bailey found himself up close & personal with wolves in the wild.  The more time Bryan spent with these animals, he discovered the similarities between the wolves & his dog!  This turned into a lifelong fascination for Bryan.  Tune into this episode to hear about the amazing work that Bryan has done & continues to do throughout the world. Bryan’s passionate and powerful work is truly showcased in this episode!


[00:04:22] How is Bryan’s Training Programs Different from the Rest?[00:14:59] Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Trainer[00:29:15] Advice For Dog Owners[00:34:31] Dog Pharmacotherapy: What is it?[00:46:26] Bryan’s #1 Favorite Transformation

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