What is an OLSP, and Why You Need One!

OLSP stands for One Link System Pixel


OLSP is a complete system for making money online through affiliate marketing. It provides full training in email marketing, list building, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

As well as teaching you affiliate marketing, it also gives you access to products you can promote as an affiliate.

I have personally been using OLSP for 4 months or so now and actively promoting it.

So I thought I’d write a review to explain what OLSP is all about, who Wayne Crowe is (the creator of the OLSP system) and why you should have a look at it yourself.


Who is Wayne Crowe?

If you’ve been involved in the make money online niche for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of Wayne Crowe. He is one of the bigger traffic providers out there.

The chances are, if you’ve purchased solo ads the traffic will have been his (even if it has passed down several hands first).

Get the one and only Wayne Crowe Solo Ads Here


Well, recently Wayne has expanded and now has a number of digital products.

But his latest – and most exciting venture is the OLSP system.


OLSP system – what is it?

OLSP is two things:

  1. A system for earning commissions online from Wayne’s digital product catalogue (and others)
  2. A full video training system for affiliate marketing, that is provided at absolutely no cost.

Wayne Crowe’s approach with the OLSP system is to make it as easy as possible for people starting out online to earn their first commissions.

Unlike many so called ‘gurus’ that take your money up front and then  disappear into the sunset, Wayne takes the exact opposite approach.

He believes in providing value first at no cost, other than your time, and then as your commissions start rolling in from following the training, you may or may not want to invest in some of the paid for training or products, definitely your choice.

Personally I love this approach – I wish more people could see the sense in doing things this way around!

And this is the whole basis of OLSP system 

Give people the training that they need to start to understand affiliate marketing, give them a way of earning commissions and then – they will likely be a lifetime customer. Perfect 

OLSP system No Cost training

It is genuinely hard to believe quite how much training is being given away at no cost inside the OLSP system. The content Wayne Crowe is giving away could easily be sold for $500-$1000.

All of the content is delivered through a private Facebook group, which now has in excess of 110K very active members, making it easy to access on any device.

What is the OLSP Bootcamp?

The OLSP Bootcamp is a completely free series of training videos that introduces you to affiliate marketing — and all the details of the OLSP system and how it works, and is your starting point on your affiliate marketing journey.

Once you have completed the training, you’ll know everything there is to know about OLSP and how to market it to make commissions.

You’ll see how you can profit from the OLSP system, and get on with making money online.

Getting paid to complete the Bootcamp is a unique idea in affiliate marketing.

There’s no one else who has done this before (as far as I know), and no one else who does it better than Wayne Crowe when it comes to getting newbies up and running fast.

Full disclosure: Upon completion, your OLSP account will be credited $20, the minimum (weekly) payout for OLSP is $50. This is a failsafe Wayne has had to put in, to stop scammers creating multiple accounts to fleece the system.

That said, the credit is 100% real, and if you apply what you learn in the Bootcamp, making another $30 to hit the payout threshold will be a piece of cake

Oh and you will get a nice certificate as well 🙂

Earn while you Learn

Building a team in OLSP

When you promote OLSP (by following the training) and someone clicks on one of your links – they are cookied to you for life. This means ANYTHING they buy, now or in the future you will earn affiliate commissions from.

Community and helping each other is at the heart of the OLSP system. There is a HUGE Facebook group full of people helping each other out. In fact the community just topped 110k members(!)

When someone joins OLSP from your link, they are in your ‘team’. This means that you can help them out – and in turn, the more you help your team members grow, the more commissions you are likely to earn.

It’s a nice approach – basically you will get rewarded for helping people 

This extends even further as commissions in OLSP are two tier, meaning if someone under the person in your direct team earns – you will get a share that too.

At this point I want to be REALLY clear about something: The OLSP System is NOT an MLM.

As soon as I started talking about teams, people under you etc – you might have had some alarm bells ringing – but honestly it isn’t like that at all.

You can earn commissions in loads of different ways from OLSP:

  • People buying products from live events (held weekly)
  • People buying products that are developed by Wayne Crowe
  • People on recurring payments for certain training paths and done for you services*
  • People buying solo ad traffic

*there are lots of done for you services for those that want a helping hand – from done for you traffic through to done for you blogs.



Below are some basic products I am currently using in my affiliate marketing journey, which I thoroughly recommend


Domain Register

To develop an online presence you need a domain, what I like about namecheap is their ease of use and you also get free WHOIS guard for life.

No matter when you are purchasing a domain through namecheap there are always discount coupons available HERE


Website Hosting

When you have your Domain name, then you need Hosting. Yep there are lots of Hosting deals out there.

My preference for Siteground is because of their awesome support service. You also get full cpanel, softaculous giving you 1 click wordpress install, super fast servers, free SSL, website transfers and all the bells and whistles for a very reasonable price.


My Theme

After a great deal of research I went with DIVI from elegant themes, the flexibility of this theme is simply amazing and covers every permutation from e-commerce sites to awesome blogs and beyond without the need for any additional add ons or the need to purchase any other wordpress Themes.


Email Autoresponder

Every tutorial on Internet Marketing makes the point that “The Money is in the List”, to develop and maintain a list you will need an autoresponder. After a bad experience with a self hosted autoresponder I have reverted back to a tried and tested service with GetResponse. As in life you get what you pay for, they also have an awesome 30 Day free trial.

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