How Credit builder companies use loans to improve your credit score

What is a Credit-Builder loan?

A credit-builder loan, a special type of loan, is designed to improve the credit score. Credit-builder loans are where the borrower pays the lender monthly and then gets the money in a savings account. The lender reports monthly payments to credit bureaus during the process. This builds credit history for the borrower.

A credit-builder loan can be viewed as a series of savings-account deposits that improve your credit standing. You will be responsible for the interest charged by the lender and may have to pay an opening fee. Credit-builder loans can be opened to anyone with bad credit or no credit. The lender isn’t at risk because they keep the savings account until the loan is paid.

Best Places Get a Credit-Builder Loan

Three main sources of credit-builder loans are available: credit unions, local banks, and online lenders. Below, we’ll discuss the best options for each type.

Sunrise Banks is the best bank to get a credit-builder loan

Sunrise Banks is the best bank to get a credit-builder mortgage because it puts the loan funds in an interest-bearing CD. Because you are earning money while the loan is being paid off, this helps reduce its cost. Sunrise Banks is located in Minnesota but anyone can apply online for a credit-builder loan.

Sunrise Banks offers credit-builder loans for both 12-months and 18 months. The monthly payment for each loan is approximately $50. There are average APRs of 21% and 15% for the 12-month loans, respectively. You will be charged interest on the CD at a different rate depending on your individual situation. To find out more, you will need to speak with a representative.

Alltru Credit Union is the best credit union to get a Credit-Builder loan

Altru Credit Union is the best credit union for a credit-builder loan. You can get a 50% refund on all interest paid over the term of the loan. The APR for the loan is 12%, which is quite reasonable. Altru offers credit-building loans for 12-months of $300 to $1,000.

You will need to be a member in order to receive a credit-builder loan from Alltru Credit Union (formerly 1st Financial Credit Union). Anyone who lives in St. Louis County or the City of St. Louis is eligible to become a member. Members’ relatives can also join.

The best online lender to get a credit-builder loan: self

Self (formerly Self Lender), is the best online lender for credit-builder loans. It offers loans with monthly payments of $25 to $25 for 12 to 24-month terms. People in all 50 states can also apply for self credit-builder loans. The APR for these loans is typically around 15%, with an administration fee of approximately $9.

No matter where your credit-builder loan is obtained, the lender should report all payments to the three major credit bureaus Experian Equifax, TransUnion, and TransUnion. Sunrise Banks, Alltru Credit Union, and Self report to all three major credit bureaus.

What is a Credit-Builder Loan?

Although credit-builder loans work in the same way as regular personal loans, the beginning of the process is the same as how you would approach obtaining a personal loan. You will need to compare lenders. It’s crucial to compare lenders and consider the number of loans they offer, the APR range, the fees, and whether or not the savings account is interest-bearing.

The next step is to submit an application. The application process is similar to a regular personal loan. Your address, income, job status, and housing status will all be required to complete the application. It is possible that you will need to show proof of income, employment, bank accounts, and other information.

A small administration fee may be required before opening your credit-builder loans account. Late payments may be charged by some lenders.

After approval of the borrower’s loan application, a credit-builder loan will begin to work differently than a personal loan.

Lender opens a savings bank: Once your application is approved, the lender will open a savings bank account to hold the amount of the loan. This account will be locked until you have paid off the entire loan amount and all interest.

You pay the lender monthly: Depending on the amount of the loan and the lender’s policies, you will make equal monthly payments. Experian estimates that credit-builder loans range from $300 to $1,000.

Your lender reports your payments the credit bureaus: Each month, the lender will report to the credit agencies your payment status. This includes whether your payments are on-time or late. Your score will increase if you pay your bills on time and are responsible. Your score will decline, which would defeat the purpose of the loan.

Lenders charge interest. APRs typically range from 6% to 16%. If the lender places your money in an interest bearing account, this may reduce the APR. The lender may also return some of your interest at the end.

The lender will release the funds to you after you’ve made all the payments. The funds will be yours to do with as you please.

It’s best to only pay what you are required to every month if you have a credit-builder mortgage. Credit-builder loans are designed to be reported monthly to credit bureaus. It would be less beneficial to pay it off sooner, as there will be fewer positive payments in the future.

Also, you should do your best to avoid late payments. Late payments to credit bureaus can hurt credit-building efforts.

Credit-Builder Loan Options

Credit-builder loans are a loan that helps people with poor credit or no credit to improve credit standing. Credit-builder loans may not be the best way to build credit for those in this position. You have other options, such as getting credit cards or being authorized to use them.

Credit cards

If they are able to pay the security deposit, which is usually $200-300, people with poor credit or no credit will have a good chance of being approved for a secured card. There are also unsecured cards, including student cards, that do not require credit history.

Credit cards are the best way to build credit. They report to credit bureaus every month, regardless of whether you make any purchases. Your score will be most rapidly built by making small purchases and paying the full amount by the due date. The most important thing to build credit with a credit card is to make timely payments.

Authorized user

You can be an authorized user on another account if you are unable to get your own credit card account, or don’t wish to. If the primary user allows it, authorized users can purchase using their credit line. Only the primary cardholder is responsible to pay. Your credit scores will rise if the primary cardholder makes timely payments and you both maintain a low credit utilization ratio.


Lenders will sometimes offer personal loans to those with poor credit. They will charge high-interest rates, sometimes as high as 36%. Federal credit unions have a cap of 18% on their interest rates, but some credit unions may be able to accept applicants with poor credit.

A secured personal loan is another option. You will need to provide collateral in order to obtain the loan. If you default, your collateral could be forfeited to the lender. Both secured and unsecured personal loans send monthly payments to credit bureaus.

Bottom line

People who have a few hundred dollars to spare to improve their credit score may be interested in credit-builder loans. Although you may not get your entire money back, you will be able to improve your credit score by paying interest. This will assist you in obtaining financial products that offer better terms. Your credit score will make it easier to get other things in your life, such as a job or an apartment.

Be sure to look at all your options before you apply for credit-builder loans. A personal loan or credit card may be more beneficial depending on your circumstances.

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