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It was a huge day for you David the CEO of Roblox Meta Verse. What are the key takeaways for Roblox stock investors today about where Roblox coin is going. Reaching out to our Roblox metaverse community and our meta shareholders of Roblox crypto. We talk a lot today about crypto innovation.

We had over twenty one blockchain executives from META companies sharing different areas of the Roblox Metaverse community.

 Roblox Metaverse 3D games are the foundation of the metaverse. Safety and civility run throughout the blockchain community of game developers. The entire metaverse of blockchain development of everything we do.

Coin Market

We talked about our amazing coin market cryptocurrency community that powers everything on Roblox everything the millions of experiences all built by this amazing crypto community. Now Roblox just overtook Activision as the world’s most valuable gaming company.

 Are we seeing a changing of the guard here in terms of the kinds of Crypto games people want to play now to secure their financial future.

We we shared a vision today of this future category sometimes called the Roblox metaverse coin market.

Meta Metaverse Game

Roblox envisions a human co experience crypto game category that supports people coming together to socialize, to learn, to play, and work to experience entertainment and amazing brands. One amazing brand similar to Roblox is The Sandbox Game. So we don’t usually think of ourselves as a videogame company. That said are millions of creators and make amazing games and experiences on the platform that sometimes their games and sometimes our music concerts. So I don’t know if it’s as much changing as the guard as maybe the emergence of a new category but the Meta of Metaverse works well.

How far away is this metaverse actually and how is roblox going to get us there. We believe that The SandBox Game will be our close metaverse competitor.

Roblox Metaverse

There’s been a dialogue around this over the last 30 to 40 years. And we’re we’re actually in the middle of it right now.

There’s over 200 million roughly monthly people that visit on the Roblox platform every month. They do a lot of things. They have an identity they have an avatar.

 They do stuff together. Sometimes when they can’t be together in person they’ll go to a birthday party together or graduate from high school together.

So we’re actually in the middle of it. But it’s such an amazing big new potential category that there’s a lot of opportunity ahead as well. Facebook just take changed its name to Meta and seems to want to own the metaverse.

 Will they on the Metaverse Game community? Will any one company own this new world called META?

Yes roblox was really early in this metaverse game community. This amazing opportunity. Game Creators have a huge opportunity with the Sandbox Metaverse.

The Metaverse

We think it’s going to change the way people both communicate the way we share stories. I think ultimately it’s going to allow people to learn together in interesting new ways.

 As more people are working remotely it’s going to power that as well.

We’re very optimistic about a really big civil society emerging on these types of platforms but we think we’re still actually really early. There’s a keyword you just said there and that is Civil Facebook. Own CTO has warned about harassment as an existential threat in this new world. And of course there is a concern that you know the worst of society could get replicated in this new world.

 You were really early to this in the thinking about this.

How what have you learned about creating norms and healthy behavior in the metaverse and making sure that other companies do the same. It’s super important. Within a month of launching Roblox over 16 years ago my co-founder Erik and I we built our first civil and safety system and we manned the moderation queues.

Now it’s really our top priority.

 We have thousands of people 24/7 keeping Roblox civil and safe.

We build it into everything we do. We have an amazing group of creative people on the roblox game platform many of them young. We’re very proud of how much we’ve worked to make this a place where people can come together to be with their friends to do things. It’s the foundation of our company and we really have no tolerance for things like bullying for example.

 You see big potential for education in the roblox metaverse and I know you’re trying to get 100 hundred million students engaged there by 2030.

What is Roblox?

Can you give me some examples like; What is Roblox? Can we visit foreign countries or you know landmarks on the other side of the world? Without having to look at or read about them online.

 Well in addition to the millions of people that are learning computer science for example on Roblox there’s also this vision that side by side with books and side by side with the game video. As you mentioned if we wanted to go to ancient Rome we might actually go there together in our class experience it interact with the environment and actually see what it’s like. So we think there’s three pillars of education computer science co experience but we’re also optimistic even further off in the future for some people that don’t have access to education.

They may be able to use these 3D Meta Game platforms to join a class and dissect a frog even when they’re not near that school.

Now you’ve been expanding in China but you’re coming up against the government crackdown there on metaverse gaming. How is that impacting you and are you reconsidering any of your plans.

 We have a super long term view in China and we think this type of technology is going to really connect people all around the world. We’re very conservative financially with you know our forecasts. We don’t roll China Gaming Platforms into that.

And of course as you mentioned it is a changing political landscape. But we take the long view in everything we do as well as respect to our metaverse community.


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